For the past two decades, Andy Charlestin has managed and coordinated some of the highest profile corporate, social and non-profit events while working for a luxury chain hotel. A dynamic professional, he has a solid track record, His events are known for high quality, attention to detail and worldly sophistication which make them truly unforgettable. Andy and his team have organized the events which have left many cities talking. He is bilingual in English and French. Through his international engagements and background, he has strong contacts with the world's most outstanding talents: the most exciting entertainers, caterers, and decorators, as well as specialist suppliers of all kinds.

Andy Charlestin and his staff have created large-scale, flagship events for a long list of corporate and non-profit clients. Yet his talents are also available for organization of the most intimate of meetings or the most private of functions. For Andy, no event is too small. No detail is too minute. And no standards are too high. His business philosophy dictates that every special event - whet his it be a week-long corporate meeting or a creative theme party - should really go the extra mile.